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At First Rate Home Inspections our philosophy is no two homes are the same. For example, two identical homes built side by side could bring different results during an inspection. One home could have tree limbs overhanging it. These limbs could allow additional moisture to the roof surface which could result in discoloration of the surface or even encourage mold to form. When you choose my company you can be confident that a comprehensive inspection of your home will be done. It is always gratifying to advise clients of the results of an inspection. All home buyers should be well informed of the condition of a home before they purchase and not after.


Prior to opening my company, I worked with a home inspector who has decades of inspection experience. When I saw the reward of helping a buyer feel comfortable about their decision I decided to open my own company. It is an honor to assist clients in choosing the right home. Allow me to take some of the stress out your home buying experience.

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