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A comprehensive visual inspection of all the components contained within a home, including the interior and exterior elements.

Services 2

Mitigation Inspections

Assessing the integrity of the roof and exterior openings in the event of a hurricane, strong wind storm, and signs of water intrusion.

Services 3

Point Inspections

Typically used on older homes to determine whether or not any of the four most common elements of a home have worn out over time.

Home Inspection Services

Don’t let little things become big things. When inspecting this home I recommended to the owner that the debris on this roof should be removed. Debris left on a roof retains moisture. All homes are built to deflect moisture in an effort to prevent damage to the structure.

When doing an inspection, remember that I work for you. As my client, I will earn your trust by completing a thorough inspection of the home. Sometimes, noticing something small can prevent a larger problem down the road.

Honesty and hard work should be the corner stone of any successful business. Put your trust in our home inspection services and put your worries aside.

  • The cost for a home home inspection is based on the square footage of the home. There is no additional fee to inspect a pool or deck.

  • If you elect to have a wind mitigation inspection in conjunction with a home inspection I will reduce the price for this additional service.
  • If you elect to have a four point inspection in conjunction with a home inspection the price for this service will also be reduced.

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